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What is a PuraPeel Treatment?

The PuraPeel treatment is an excellent choice for those who want gentle, effective skincare. It has very little recovery time and leaves your complexion looking bright without any harsh treatments that could irritate or damage it over the long term. The PuraPeel treatment is a new, non-invasive procedure that provides the skin with rejuvenating results with little to no downtime. It can only be administered by trained aestheticians and doctors with proper qualifications and training.

PuraPeel treatment being performed at Tania's beauty Secrets at Canley Heights Sydney

Here's how PuraPeel Treatment Works

The PuraPeel tool deeps cleanse and exfoliate with a solution of nutrient-rich water, with special enzymes and acids which penetrate deep into the skin's pores to remove any impurities inside. The combination softens your complexion at once!

PuraPeel is a luxurious skincare treatment that has been designed to deeply and effectively exfoliate the entire surface of your epidermis without any ill effects. It's critical for maintaining a healthy, radiant-looking complexion by sloughing away dry layers to remove old cells while also preventing new ones from building up on top!

During this process, the skin is deep cleaned and pores are loosened so that skincare ingredients can penetrate deeper into your dermis layer. The mild mixture of lactic acid and cucumber extract will also help remove any pore plugs that could cause inflammatory acne whilst also leaving the skin hydrated.

Vitamin Fusion is the ultimate solution for dry skin. It contains vitamins A and B group substances that help repair damage, and peptides that create new cell structures to produce healthier cells with better elasticity leading you a firmer-looking complexion! Hyaluronic acid can reduce wrinkles while boosting collagen production- all this plus an antioxidant package make our product one worth trying out if you're looking For healthy hydrated glowing beauty

During the PuraPeel process, loosened pore plugs and dirt are removed with a combination of chemicals to suction dirt and other remaining particles. This cleans the skin thoroughly and reduces the likelihood of future acne breakouts.

Your skin care professional may also recommend the use of additional specially customized modality treatment for you and your skin’s individual needs. For example, the PuraPeel device can deliver certain products designed to reduce wrinkles and stimulate the growth of healthy cells through high frequency.

Lactic Acid Peel with Brightening complexion with PuraPeel device

What Results am I expected to see?

PuraPeel is a treatment that offers many benefits for your skin. After just one session, you may notice an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as increased hydration with improved tone over time ( More noticeable after five-seven days after post-treatment).

How Often does the Treatment need to be Repeated?

One treatment per month is typically enough to get rid of skin issues like fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, or oily complexion. A monthly regime is recommended for your overall skin health and to prevent early signs of ageing.

Are you ready to start your skin health journey? Tania's Beauty Secrets is currently offering complimentary skin analysis to determine how best to get your skin back into shape and be at its optimal health. Book your next treatment now or simply call Tania on 0449788289.

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