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This is the most popular treatment EVER, And it's Amazing.

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Chances are if you haven't had a Hydradermabrasion yet, then you've definitely heard of it. You've probably seen it on your favorite influencer's story or seen it on your friends page. Yes this is the facial everyone is racing to get.

This facial is performed using a small suction device that promises to target everything from oily and congested skin, congested pores, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. Hydradermabrasion delivers immediate results with little to no downtime.

Why the PuraPeel Hydradermabrasion is SO popular.

It's pretty rare to find a facial that works for almost all skin types and has zero - downtime, but the PuraPeel is definitely that facial, and this is only one of the reasons why it's so popular. "this facial is being requested by both men and women of all ages and across all demographics. It can be done by those who have extremely dry skin and also those who are prone to oily and congested acnetic skin types" says Tania from Tania's Beauty Secrets.

This treatment is the treatment that does not discriminate against seasons. It is suitable for seasons such as winter where dry skin is the norm and also across summer where the skin is damaged due to environmental damage. In addition this treatment comes highly requested prior to big events such as weddings or red carpet events because it delivers "that extra glow."

What to expect from a PuraPeel Hydradermabrasion

There are several steps involved in a PuraPeel Hydradermabrasion. Your therapist will start off by manually cleansing the skin and facial steam in order to prime the skin for the next step which is the dermabrasion followed by a light toner. This rids your skin of all impurities and allows it to be more receptive to the infusion of the skin peels. (There a a selection of 4 peels to choose from that is suitable for each skin type)

Once the peels are applied, the extraction phase of the facial takes place. This is followed by the final step which is an infusion of Vitamins A & B serums to restore moisture and glow. This can also all be topped off with LED light therapy to help stimulate collagen.

  1. Detox. This step increases lymphatic circulation in your skin by moving a suction device along your lymphatic system. Better lymphatic circulation not only helps move out toxins but also increases blood flow, providing extra oxygen to invigorate the skin.

  2. Exfoliation. The exfoliating, vacuum - like tip is passed over the skin to gently remove dead skin cells, while all at the same time delivering a revitalising serum to hydrate and protect the skin.

  3. Acids. To clean deeply into the pores, a chemical peel (customised to your skin type) is pressed all over the skin which helps to loosen and decongest pores and brighten the skin. All Peels are of Medium strength with a high pH as to not burn or **tingle** the skin.

  4. Extraction. A liquid and suction treatment takes place (using a lactic acid solution) gently draws out whiteh