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Self Care with Tania

I have decided to start a blog of my self care journey, I will be going to different salons SPA and clinics to try out their services and give a full a review and my opinion of my experience.

This page will be updated with new places I have tried. Be sure to check back regularly. If you’d like to be notified of new blogs please subscribe below

Tania thinking of the next place to pamper herself at


Optimal remedy Liverpool

I chose this place because of the experience with sports injuries. I know, I don’t play sports but I do have a physical job, with massaging all day and bending my back forward when doing facials, this all takes a toll on my back, and to top it off I also have my cosmetics business and coaching business to take care of as well as 4 children and a household to run, so yes my back is in need of a very loving touch. So I book my appointment with the wonderful Liz at optimal remedy, it was quite easy, she asked me if I’d like to attend the Liverpool location or the Bossley Park location. I chose Liverpool as I had other errands to run nearby. Anyways I get there and it’s looks nice and peaceful tucked away in a nail salon. I was abit surprised that I couldn’t hear all the noise going outside, they must have really good insulation here. Liz was so accommodating, she knows I get cold easy so she added extra towels and also brought in a little heater. Ahhh Liz you are my saver. Liz asked me all the questions I expect to be ask from a professional, she talked me through my home exercises and talked me through what I should expect, so here comes the fun part. Liz is very strong and knows exactly what she is doing. Her massage technique is off this planet! I loved the way she incorporated a relaxing massage within her sports massage. So she really did go above and beyond when she did my massage. She asked me what I did for a living and she really worked on my shoulder and neck and feet the most. All her massage techniques were customised to suit my lifestyle and my concerned area. My whole experience;

Booking - easy to book Location - easy to find plenty of parking Cleanliness - extremely clean, I personally watched her sanitise the room after me to get ready for her next appt Overall experience I have to say definitely a 5 star experience. Website Instagram handle Booking link

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