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Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Jennifer Nguyen

Tania is very knowledgeable with everything skin and she is patient in explaining things. My skin has been looking + feeling better than it has for a long time after just one treatment! She is genuine in her approach and amazing at what she does. I feel confident with her guidance in reaching my skin goals. Definitely make a booking if you're thinking about it. She is great! via google review

Melina Ung

Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Highly recommend seeing Tania for all your skin needs! I am so glad booked a facial with her because my experience was so amazing! She is incredibly patient but also educates you on the services she provides.

My skin has improved since seeing her and taking on her advice but not only limited to that, her massages are delightful! Definitely my go to lady :) via google review

Angela Huynh

I have never been one to take my skincare routine seriously until I booked an appointment with Tania. She was so warm and welcoming when she greeted me for my initial appointment. During this appointment she conducted a skin assessment and went through all the results with me, explaining each section in detail and provided tips on how to manage and/or improve my skin/acne. Tania has never pressured me into purchasing any treatments and/or products that I wouldn't benefit from (I have experienced this many times in beauty salons/clinics). Instead she suggested treatments and products that were more suitable to my skin type. She is full of knowledge and is so passionate about her services. Since seeing Tania I have seen a drastic change in my skin. It's less congested, my complexion is brighter and my acne is better managed. I could not recommend her enough! If you're still thinking about booking an appointment, this is your sign to do so! via google review

I highly recommend Tania and her services. She turned a nerve racking experience into a very enjoyable one. She absolutely deserves the title of waxing Queen. I can't wait to experience her other services. She has a very high quality set up and very clean. Thanks Tania and will see you again soon. via google review


Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Tania was very helpful & honest with her services. via google review

Tunpaz Yim

Had a facial as i was breaking out and wow just wow! Tania was so very professional she obviosuly is highly experienced in skin as now my skin after 5 months is completely clear. And her massages were incredible. Highly recommended via google review


Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Value

I had never been the type of person to get facials thinking my skin was clear and perfect but wow! After the first treatment with this talented woman my skin is better then ever!

I had received so many compliments from family and friends!

Now it’s a routine and I HAVE to see her once a month for her to work her magic

I highly recommend her services

You won’t regret it!


Today I got best facial ever, my face feel flawless, my body is reveitalise and my soul is lifted.

I will definitely come back here again, love you guy so so much!!!!! via google review

Kenny Honestly one of the best facial places i ever been to. Really nice welcoming workers and their facial treats are amazing relaxing and beneficial via google review

Andy Dang Fantastic customer service, they really do know what they are doing. I have suffered for many years because of acne and acne scarring for many more years. Seeking professional advice is very hard as everyone have different opinions and recommendations. However, with just 5 months on a regular treatment plan i'm completely rid of acne and acne scars. I now feel so happy and confident about myself. Good work guys, keep doing what you're doing.👍 via google reviews

Alison D Love & appreciate this place! I suffered from stubborn acne & scarring since high school but since I discovered Tania & her salon it's my cant live without. I now go there on monthly treatment plan & I have such amazing results! I can walk out with confident because my skin is getting flawless all thanks to Tania & her team. I definitely recommend this place if you need a confident boost? You can find it here & you will start to love being in your own skin after their treatments. They are very welcoming & the owner is the best, she knows her way to make you flawless just abit of patience & you can see the great results you'll love! via google review

Chandar No words can describe this salon, Tania and her team of ladies are wonderful! My face has improved dramatically within the year I’ve been going to these ladies! Highly recommended! via google review

Sammy Prim I have struggled to find a decent beauty day spa within the western suburbs. Have always had to venture out into the city for a pamper and wind down session. But ever since I found this place, you walk into the salon and just feel a sense of calm, and away from the hustle and bustle of the streets. It honestly is a hidden little gem! The staff are warm and welcoming and the treatments are definitely to brag about! I've had facials, (always nervous with facials) but the staff put me at ease and I've had pleasing results since, my skin feels hydrated with a beautiful glow. From hot stone to aromatherapy massages and body scrubs, I walk out every session feeling rejuvenated, replenished and relaxed!! Definitely highly recommended if your after indulgement!! via google review

Linna Nguon I highly recommend this place... I've had a number of service they offered and I have never been happier. I've been to many beauty salons in the city to get a mircodermabrasion and I've ended up walking out red faced and scarred. With Goddess Indulgence staff have made me felt welcoming and comfortable throughout my facial. As for my skin it cleaned, smooth and shinny!! I always walked out feeling like a goddess!!! via google review

Brenda Do This has to be one of the best beauty spas I have been too. The girls are amazing and so easy to talk to which makes the experience so much more worth it, oh.. and the massages!? AMAZING! So relaxing and you can tell they really try to suit the environment to your comfortablility. Whenever I rarely get the day off work i am always finding myself here! I 100% recommend goddess indulgence to anyone who just needs to relax! via google review

Mary I came here based on the reviews and Tania definitely met and exceeded them. My friend and I recommend the lunch time pamper (90 min stone massage, facial, microdermabrasion). Tania was very impressive with her knowledge, technique, service and products. We valued her friendliness and ease of accomodation to our needs - highly recommend. via google review

Lily Wong Came here for my pregnancy massages. Tania is the best and a must for the cramps, aches and pains of pregnancy via google reviews

Lisa Phan My go to lady! Absolutely love receiving treatments by Tania. Had a super immortal facial done with a massage and I left feeling Zen. Highly recommended via google review

Tori Pham I had the 3 "Glo" treatments by Tania done a few weeks ago n it has made my skin very so soft n brighter, it has faded some of my skin spots so I'm uber excited to see more results with more treatments. I came back and only did the 3rd part of the treatment again n loved it! Thanks Tania for doing all the research n bringing these amazing treatments to benefit your clients. via google review

Jasmine Duong Always feeling fresh and confident walking out of her salon. All her treatments are affordable and love her skin care products all natural and animal cruelty free. The best place to be. via google review

Seangdara Sayathith My super immortal facial was very blissful. Thank you Tania for making me so comfortable and relaxed. My skin feels amazing. 💕 via google review Julie Nguyen Wow!! Got my hubby to do The Immortal facial with me , it was a memorable experience. So relaxing, great results for us afterwards and a little massage was the bomb. Love love your head massage as always. Thank you for doing for us both. via google review

Mary Pham Tania is my go to girl for my skin care needs. Thank you for always making me feel comfortable and providing me with useful advice on what works best for my skin. I would highly recommend her for your beauty and skin care needs. via google reviews

Cookie Nguyen I have been seeing Tania for over a year now. When I first came to her I had extremely troubled skin due to a hormonal imbalance. There was so much congestion and small bumps under my skin. No matter what I tried it didn't go away. She recommend the Flawless facial and microdermabrasion which after a few intense treatments helped to dramatically improve my skin texture, by removing all of the dead skin cells and congestion leaving my skin so smooth, clear and honestly flawless! Once the congestion and texture issues were addressed we then moved onto the LED light therapy treatment which helped maintain my skin by healing the scarring and offer antibacterial properties to help with preventing any further congestion. With in the last year I fell pregnant. Tanias pregnancy massage was amazing and helped relieve so much of the stress and tension put on my body. Her pregnancy pillow was an absolute game changer. I was so amazed that I could actually lay on my back and also turn onto my belly safely and comfortably without any issues. I had a few massages when I was pregnant at other places and this was by far the best because all the others I had to be on my side and I couldn't really enjoy it that much. Now with a 3 month old (and being sleep deprived and a sore back) I could not have been happier to see Tania again. Her back massage and Immortal facial was like heaven on earth. Definitely needed some me time. Her scalp massage is so relaxing and I couldn't wait to top up on her vitamin c serum (literally liquid gold!). via google review

Josie I had the Super Immortal Facial last week and it was an AMAZING, relaxing experience. Thank you Tania for making my skin all brand new and refreshed. Tania is very knowledgeable about skin care and provides great tips about skin care routine. This facial was finished off with a head/back and arm massage which made it all worthwhile. The Microdermabrasion facials are usually my go to but this changes the game! Thank u! via google review

Annabelle Had amazing facials from Tania's Beauty Secrets . You have to try her facials. She got a magic touch. I had few facials from Tania. I ❤ immortal facials. It's incredible . My skin feels smooth and glowing . Thank You so much Tania. You are amazing . Can't wait to see you again. via google review

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