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Hot - stone and the Benefits to your health and Wellbeing

Hot stone therapy is believed to have been used for thousands of years within different cultures and traditions as a part of ritual and healing. Today hot stones are often incorporated into Swedish or Deep Tissue massage treatments at spas worldwide...

Owner of Tania's Beauty Secrets, Tania explains why this massage technique remains so popular and what kind of holistic benefits you can expect from your Hot Stone massage.

Tania Performing Hot Stone Massage at Tania's Beauty Secrets

Traditional Hot Stone Massage

For many people, their first experience with a hot stone massage is one that leaves them feeling relaxed and at peace. The deep sense of relaxation this type provides can be attributed to the fact it warms up your muscles from inside out – providing soothing relief for tired or tensed-up areas on the body like shoulders, backache regions etc., which are often sore following extensive use throughout an active day/evening out in our busy world today!

If you're looking into getting more 'peaceful' by achieving improved wellbeing levels through stress reduction then look no further than coming to Tania's Beauty Secrets where we cater exclusively towards giving each individual customer what they want when booking themselves into a relaxing treatment.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

  • Increases local tissue metabolism, to aid tense muscles and increase local circulation, bringing nutrition to cells and removing waste.

  • May help to break the pain – spasm – pain cycle with the soothing effect of heat.

Note of caution: do not apply heat to acute injury or inflammation.

Woman getting Himalayn Stone Massage

Himalayan Stone Massage

The benefits of a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage are endless! From its calming properties to improving sleep and balancing your central nervous system.

This treatment will leave you feeling refreshed. It also helps improve skin texture by gently exfoliating the skin while providing natural smoothness for healthier looking complexion without harsh chemicals or treatments that could damage sensitive areas like bleach might do in some cases .

The warm salt crystal stones work their magic on both deep muscle tissues as well  surmounted problems such because they improve blood flow where it’s needed most - getting rid once & forever any knots formed due stressors within our lives

Benefits of Himalayan Stone Massage

  • Promotes healthy blood sugar.

  • Helps lower blood pressure.

  • Supports a healthy respiratory system and sinuses.

  • Boosts bone health and prevents muscle cramps.

  • Improves circulation.

  • Relieves anxiety and addresses insomnia.

  • Lightly exfoliates the skin and is highly relaxing.

What to expect during your Stone Massage

Traditional Hot Stone Massage - The restful heat from the stones will help to release any tension in your muscles as you relax on a treatment table equipped with luxurious pillows. Your therapist uses long, flowing Swedish strokes and therapeutic oils during this relaxing massage while applying deep friction or circular Motion Massage techniques depending upon what’s most appropriate for each area being treated.

Himalayan Stone Massage - You'll feel your skin radiating during a Himalayan salt stone massage. These salts and minerals are naturally antimicrobial, which helps eliminate harmful toxins that build up in the body as well as improved sleep, deep sense of relaxation, easier breathing, increased blood circulation, reduced signs of aging

Glowing, healthy skin.

No Matter which Stone massage you are looking for Tania's Beauty Secrets in Canley Heights offers it. Simply call Tania on 0449788289 or simply book you treatment online here.

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