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Cookie Ngueyen

I had the Super Immortal Facial last week and it was an AMAZING

Cookie Ngueyen

I have been seeing Tania for over a year now. When I first came to her I had extremely troubled skin due to a hormonal imbalance. There was so much congestion and small bumps under my skin. No matter what I tried it didn't go away. She recommend the Flawless facial and microdermabrasion which after a few intense treatments helped to dramatically improve my skin texture, by removing all of the dead skin cells and congestion leaving my skin so smooth, clear and honestly flawless! Once the congestion and texture issues were addressed we then moved onto the LED light therapy treatment which helped maintain my skin by healing the scarring and offer antibacterial properties to help with preventing any further congestion.

With in the last year I fell pregnant. Tanias pregnancy massage was amazing and helped relieve so much of the stress and tension put on my body. Her pregnancy pillow was an absolute game changer. I was so amazed that I could actually lay on my back and also turn onto my belly safely and comfortably without any issues. I had a few massages when I was pregnant at other places and this was by far the best because all the others I had to be on my side and I couldn't really enjoy it that much.

Now with a 3 month old (and being sleep deprived and a sore back) I could not have been happier to see Tania again. Her back massage and Immortal facial was like heaven on earth. Definitely needed some me time. Her scalp massage is so relaxing and I couldn't wait to top up on her vitamin c serum (literally liquid gold!).

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